Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why I Love Costco

Costco is a terrific warehouse store.  Membership is easy to afford, prices are low, and it has technical support on, and extended warranties for, all the electronics they sell.  One time, because of an issue with the Costco tire shop, the company gave me a free replacement tire and comped my membership for one year.

I have a pretty nice looking frame for my glasses.  One of the arms came off, though, just fell right off, so I took them to Costco to see if the optical department could screw it back on.

Since part had actually broken, the young woman in that department found a matching set of arms that fit, replaced the old ones, and made sure the glasses would sit evenly on my face.  The bonus: These are Ray Ban arms.  So, now, it looks like I have these really expensive frames.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Complicating Creed

I know how Bodacious Creed died!

No spoilers, though.  No way.  Check out the latest Bodacious Creed blog entry, or the Bodacious Creed website, for more!