Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kindle on Nook

I'm writing this entry because I looked for this answer recently, and couldn't find what I needed.  Can you read Kindle books on a Nook?  Well, online information I found said, "No."

Those sites, thankfully, are wrong!

The Nook HD+, which is the top of the line Nook tablet and e-reader, comes with Google Play, which means that users can install Google Play apps.

So, if you have an Nook HD+, make sure the firmware and software are updated to the latest versions.  Then open Google Play, and click the Apps button.  From there, you can search for Kindle, and the Amazon Kindle app will come right up.

I frequent Barnes & Noble often, and really like the Nook HD+.  Also, they've been on sale for a huge discount lately.  My parents got me one for my birthday (thanks Mom and Dad!).  I had heard that there was a Kindle app for Nook from a friend, and since I already have a ton of Kindle books, I was excited about that feature.

I didn't guess the Google Play angle myself.  My friend told me to check there, so thank you, Crystal!  Now I can read everything in my large Kindle library, as well as my new Nook titles.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An Actual Personal Blog

I don't usually get too personal in my blog entries.  Usually they're about my artistic projects, or maybe about my art techniques.  You a find a lot of the latter in my Bodacious Creed blog from when I was working on my thesis.  I often came up with my own techniques in Maya and Zbrush, and shared these so that other 3D artists could try them out.

I feel like writing about a few semi-personal things today, and about what I've been up to.

Like a lot of Americans, I'm overweight.  There's a lot of information, and misinformation, about being overweight out there.  It's really tough to sort through it all.  I've been wanting to lose weight for years.  At one point, I was on Atkins for a few months, and lost about forty pounds!  Then I went off it, and of course gained all that weight back.  Well, not all of it.  I'm still fifteen to twenty pounds lighter than I was when I went on it, and about forty pounds lighter than I was at my very heaviest.

I don't remember where I read this, but I think it was in Cracked.  Basically, it said that studies have been done more or less debunking the idea that thinner people have better metabolisms than heavier people.  There are times when this is true, especially with thyroid problems.  But the studies indicated that for the most part, it's simpler than that.  Heavy people just eat more.

And I immediately thought about how my eating habits haven't changed that much since I was a teen.  Back then, I was growing, and I was active.  I could eat a lot of food.  Well, here I am in my early forties, and I feel stuffed if I eat a lot, yet I was still eating too much.

I've had a lot of moments of clarity in my life, and often they're about things that should be obvious.  So, I had this moment of clarity where I thought to myself, "You mean, if I just cut down my portions, I should lose weight?"  So yep.  I haven't changed my diet much recently.  I'm just eating smaller portions.  I've been getting a bit hungry at night, but instead of getting up for a bite, I just wait it out.  My body realizes it's time to sleep, suppresses my appetite, and I'm fine.

I'm letting my stomach shrink to a reasonable size, and just eating less.  I feel better this way, too.  I'm not getting tired in the middle of the day.  I'm not even getting that hungry.  Over the long term, hopefully this will get me down to a reasonable, healthy weight.

In about ten minutes, I'm supposed to be interviewed for a newspaper story about my Kickstarter project, "Bodacious Creed: A Steampunk Zombie Western!"  Exciting!

The other day, I added a prize to the $5 and up levels: a write-up of how I conducted my Kickstarter publicity.  The reason is that, while there's helpful information online, it could be better.  I learned a lot from a book called The Kickstarter Handbook, but of course the specifics of any campaign are unique.  That's an excellent book, by the way.  And, I figured that some of my backers might one day want to create projects of their own.

That's it for now!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Bodacious Creed: A Steampunk Zombie Western was just covered on Leonardoverse, an excellent and popular steampunk blog!

I also posted a project update, which all project backers get in their email, and anyone can read on the Bodacious Creed Kickstarter page.

Here's the text of that update:

Howdy, my fellow travelers on this exciting journey into the world of Bodacious Creed!
"Bodacious Creed: A Steampunk Zombie Western" is currently featured on Leonardoverse, a popular and excellent steampunk blog by author Leonardo Ramirez.  Have a look, and also browse his blog!  Leonardo wrote a wonderful entry about my project, and I'm proud to have it featured there.
It has also been featured on many Facebook pages.  Have a look at the Bodacious Creed Facebook page for more information.
I've also been contacting newspapers and periodicals.  Yesterday, I sent press releases to a few Orange County papers, and one to Watsonville's Register Pajaronian.  I grew up on Watsonville, California, and, way back when, took Creative Writing at Watsonville High.  I hope they all pick up the story.
This message is getting a little long, so I'll end with this.  Thank you, all of my bakers, and everyone who has shared this project!  Thanks to you, we're at 21% funded already!  Please help keep the momentum going by sharing this on Facebook, and Twitter, and letting anyone who might be into a steampunk zombie western know that this exists.  Your support means the world to me!
Feel free to check the Kickstarter page often for updates.  Of course, if you pledge, even as little as $1, you will also get the updates in your email.
I'm also excited to report that the project has been live for not quite 3 days, is 21% funded, and has 14 backers. The video has been seen 112 times, and the most popular reward is the $10 level, from which backers get a digital copy of the book when it's published, a high resolution jpeg of the cover, and a pdf copy of my first novel, Children of Rhatlan, whether the project gets funded or not.  I've made sure that all the rewards are worthwhile, so have a look.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bodacious Creed Kickstarter is Live!

I'm going to do something I don't normally do on a blog.  Instead of writing about the title here, I'm going to direct you to the new post on my Bodacious Creed blog.  See, when I was working on my thesis, I kept an extensive blog of the process, from start to finish.  There's even an accompanying vlog!  I put a lot of work into it and wanted to share the creative process with others.

My first priority is directing people to the Kickstarter project, Bodacious Creed: A Steampunk Zombie Western.  You'll learn all about the project there, and I think you'll enjoy watching the video and reading all about it.  If you're going to click just one of these links, click this one.

The Bodacious Creed blog post is here.

And finally, here's an image that features prominently in the Kickstarter video.

Oh yes!  As of about 3:00 pm Pacific Time, before the project had been live for 24 hours, it was already funded 10%!