Sunday, March 10, 2013

Web Site Improvements

I've done a lot of updating on my new site already!  Here are some details:

  • Added a link to my deviantArt page, and one to my main YouTube channel, at the very bottom of every page.
  • Added a Facebook "like" button at the bottom left.
  • Made my name in the upper left corner link to the bio page.
  • Consolidated the links on the top bar by adding some as subsections to others.
    • digital sketching is now under modeling
    • The videos and reviews blog is now under blog
    • A new page has been added, cultural terminology project, under drawing

The cultural terminology project was one I did for an AAU class in Fall, 2009.  It's truly a gallery unto itself.

Wix is making it really easy to tweak and improve my site, so keep an eye on it for more additions and changes.

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