Friday, March 20, 2015

The Gods and The Imp Are Back

The Gods and The Imp Are Back!

I'm very happy to say that I recently re-published my first two fantasy novels, Children of Rhatlan and Tamshi's Imp. They have new covers, I have corrected the typos (what I could find) that I'd previously left in Tamshi's Imp, and each book now contains a reading group discussion section.

I did the covers in a new style that I plan to use for my future books, including Bodacious Creed. Curious? Here's how they look.

I received my proof copies yesterday and they look fantastic inside and out. I'm really proud of these new editions. You can get them on CreateSpace (just click on the book images) for just $9.95 each. Keep in mind that the previous versions, published on Lulu, had a significantly higher price for me, so I had to sell them for $15.95. I can't tell you how good it feels to be able to offer these for just under $10 each!

On My Blogs and Social Media

For awhile, I have been sharing information about all my art and writing in my Steampunk in Art and Writing blog, which is also the Bodacious Creed blog. I've been posting news to the Bodacious Creed fan page, too. However, my non-Creed work really needs its own media, and the Creed pages should be dedicated to just Creed and steampunk, westerns, and zombies. (Bodacious Creed blends all three. Haven't heard of it yet? Check out the links!)

To follow everything, head over to the Bodacious Creed fan page and my Jonathan Fesmire: Author pages on Facebook and like both. Also, bookmark the Bodacious Creed and Jonathan Fesmire websites.

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