Monday, June 17, 2013

Bad Federal Credit Union!

I'm fed up with my credit union.

I usually don't post reviews of, well, anything.  Not here at least.  As a freelance writer, I do occasionally write movie or television reviews for other sites.  That's beside the point.

I've been with Bay Federal Credit Union in Santa Cruz, CA, for almost four years now, and in that time, they have been, let me say, less than understanding.  Today, they could have reversed an overdraft fee that my checking account incurred through a mistake that was not my fault.  A company I had been working with for marketing was supposed to cancel my recurring weekly payment to them, and they forgot to do so.  Well, here's the one star review I posted on Yelp.

I wish I had known about this Yelp page before I signed up with Bay Federal.  They have been a nightmare.  From waiting inordinate amounts of time to getting multiple overdraft charges because of how they arranged the order of withdrawals, I've had my share of headaches with Bay Federal Credit Union.

Their latest is the last straw for me.  I was erroneously charged for a service I had canceled, through my PayPal account.  Because of this, I was not able to transfer over the funds to cover a payment I new would be coming through to Bay Federal.  The business that charged me on PayPal was courteous and reversed the charge, with an apology.

At first, the teller didn't seem to understand what I was explaining.  Instead of understanding that I was a customer trying to do my best, the teller had no compassion and would not reverse the charge, simply because it was not the bank's fault.  So, it doesn't matter if it was my fault, or because a bill I thought I had canceled came through anyway.  Bay Federal could apparently not afford to pay back $29, and then let me transfer money in to make my account current.

I'll be leaving Bay Federal, at last, as soon as I can pay back the overdraft.

I am not a fan of big banks.  Their insane lending practices and gambling lead to the huge economic crash of 2008.  But I'll tell you something: From a customer standpoint, credit unions--or at least this one--are just as bad.

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