Thursday, June 27, 2013

Goodbye, Kickstarter. Hello, Kickstarter.

Well, my OCVG Kickstarter project didn't make it.  I realized early on just how much I didn't know about launching a crowdfunding campaign!  So, I stepped back, regrouped, and thought about another project that I had set aside: a novel based on my demo reel theme.

I kept an extensive blog, and vlog, on my demo reel's progress.  Everything in it is linked together in one story, that of Bodacious Creed, a dead US Martial, circa 1862, who is brought back from the dead with Steampunk technology.  Yep, this is a blend of Steampunk, Wild West, and horror... most specifically, zombie horror!  It's pretty damned cool.  And I thought, "I wonder if the world is ready for a Bodacious Creed novel?  That would be something to use Kickstarter for."

I've set up a fan page for it on Facebook.  I've been tweeting about it about once per day.  I'm sharing the Bodacious Creed art in my deviantArt gallery in more dA groups.  I'm so glad Facebook finally got hash tag functionality!  I've started sharing the fan page posts that way, and have been checking out other posts under #zombie, #wildwest, and #steampunk.  Obviously, I'm a fan of all those things.  The hash tags will make others aware of my pages, and will also help me see what's out there.

No, I haven't started the actual novel yet, but the cool thing about the fact that I have tons of background work done, and understand the characters and setting, but that I haven't started writing the actual novel yet, is that I can get backers involved. The higher rewards include naming characters and places, and even creating characters for the story.  Once that's all figured out, I can power through the first draft of the book.

More soon...

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